Customer Comments  Broadcaster Style Pickups

Hello Pete, Greetings from down under. The Broadcaster set arrived and have been installed for a few weeks now and I am super pleased with the way the project turned out. The Broadcaster bridge pickup is super cool, it has way more edge and bite than my other Teles that are pretty tame by comparison. Bert G. Melbourne, Australia

Hi PickupWhiz!!!! I got the HO Broascaster pickups installed earlier today and all I can say is WOW. I super impressed, this is a killer pickup.... Lee LA, California

Hi Peter, Got the Broadcaster Pickups and mounted them yesterday. I have to say that they sound fantastic, even better than my custom shop Nocaster. Best wishes from Germany, Tom

Hi Guys, I have installed your Broadcaster pickups in my Tele project guitar and they are incredible! The bridge pickup has fantastic Bite and Tele Twang and the neck is warm, smooth and clear. They sound so good I can hardly bare to put the guitar down. Thanks for building these super cool pickups and keep up the good work. Danny P. Hong Kong

Hi Peter;I recently picked up a broadcaster pickup from Capsule and had it put into my 72 telecaster custom reissue. I just wanted to tell you how incredibly good it sounds. Thank you for making such awesome pickups. Jeff Q Toronto

Broadcaster Review by Jack Wilson I have been chasing a particular tone since 2001. I had acquired a real vintage 1951 Fender No-Caster that had been well played and considerably modified. It had one of the lightest and most acoustically resonant 1-piece swamp ash bodies I have ever had the privilege to hear, own & play. The bridge pickup had seen better days as the original windings were all but missing and the previous owner decided to re-wind literally by hand the pickup with household copper-wire...maybe an 18 gauge. Suffice to say, the pickup did not work. Not knowing better at the time, I ordered directly from Fender a factory reliced 51 No-Caster Bridge Pickup that was wound in the range of 9-10K. Combined with this 50+ year old axe, I found what can only be described as the grail tone. Much like the grail itself, the guitar was sold and the tone contained within was to be forever lost... Years later along with multiple failed efforts to recapture what once was I stumbled across Peter aka The Pickup Wizard. I had painstakingly come to the final pages of my efforts to wistfully complete what was to be the conclusion of my quest. I had ordered from The Whiz a recreation of the infamous Broadcaster pickup. Peter took such great care in scatter-winding to spec, aging the Alnico III magnets, fiber-board bobbins, zinc base plate, cloth covered leads and even the screws & surgical tubing... It could have passed for a 50+ year pickup by appearance alone.Installed, my search was over. Reading at nearly 9.8K, the pickup sent chills down my spine and a flood of tonal nostalgia unforeseen by myself. The pickup was airy and open, incredibly dynamic and performed flawlessly. I believe without a shadow of a doubt that Peter has done nothing less than recapture the true spirit of what Leo Fender himself truly intended for this pickup...which is nothing short than a timeless and extremely versatile pickup able to cover all musical territory from the contemporary world in which it was realized well into those that would evolve nearly 60 years later. The Wizard is hands down the best I have found. I want to thank Peter for allowing me to focus solely on the art and discipline of merely playing the guitar now. Jack Wilson Tullahoma, Tennessee