Customer Comments  Jazzmaster Style Pickups

Hi Guys, I received the Jazzmaster pups yesterday and WOW they are fantastic!!!! You were right, these vintage style babies breathed life into my Japanese reissue Jazzmaster. Now my Jazzmaster looks, plays and sounds great. Thanks a million. Cheers, Douglas B. Reading, England

Hi, Thanks for the quick shipping, the pickups are in my axe and sounding GREAT! Thanks, Warren P. Seattle USA

Hello, I received the pickups and they look super nice. I loaded them in last night and they sound just great in my Warmouth project guitar. Many thanks for helping me complete this project, Allan. New York, USA

Peter, Great job on the pickups. I just got them installed last week.... and I have to say I am
pleased with the outcome. Just had a few practice runs so far with my deluxe reverb, sounds much more open and articulate, harmonically rich to say the least, compared to my really boring sounding AVRI pickups that were stock. Chris 
Nashville, USA

Hey Sport, Just a quick line to say how much I love the Relic Jazzmaster pickups you made for me. I've had a few original JMs over the years and your pickups sound as good as the originals Mason G. Australia

Unbelievable!!! These JM-90 Hybrid Jazzmasters really rock!! I was never happy with the Jazzmaster but now I can't put it down what a transformation Paul H. Australia

Hi, Just got them installed and all I can say is wow!!!! Ilove it, great warmth and power coming out of the Jazzmaster now. Just awesome!! Seriously. I will make sure I pass your info on to my other friends. Gary

Hi Peter, I finally learned to solder and installed the pickups today - they sound fantastic, a massive improvement over the originals (though that won't come as a surprise to you I'm sure!).The 9k bridge pickup's volume balances nicely with the neck as you thought. Thanks very much, I'm now very pleased with the tone of the guitar and will be in touch the next time I need any replacement pickups for any of my guitars. Anyway thanks again, and all the best, Ewan England

Peter, I received the pups yesterday- popped them in last night, and so far so good. I'm really liking the note clarity and warmth on the neck. The overall tone is rather dark, and I am impressed with the balance on the bridge pup- usually they can be a little too spanky, but there's some nice balance going on here. Thanks again for the quick shipping and great product.

Hi, An observation about the Hybrid Jazzmaster/ sounded good in my old fender pro...thick and warm but maybe lacking in some clarity, especially at the top end. Then I plugged it into my Marshall 18 watt combo...and WOW that's when the guitar really came alive! The midrange growl really became something special in the Marshall...very musical...sparkly and thick at the same time...I LOVE that sound!! Thanks again...Patrick Toronto Canada

Hi Peter, I just received my pickups and they're already wired up. These are the BOMB !!!! I'll make sure to recommend your Pickups to the most people that I can. They are unbelievable!!!!! Thanks Again Mr. Pickup Whiz... Sincerely Mathieu Quebec Canada

Peter, Just wanted to send you a heartfelt thank you. The jazzmaster pickups you made for me sound great! can't thank you enough for making exactly what I asked for. Thanks, again.

Hey Peter, Just wanted to let you know again how pleased I am with your (Jazzmaster) pickups. I got a bunch of compliments on the sound from the guitar with your pickups in it. My bass player thinks it has the best sound and most distinctive character out of all my guitars. Thanks again! Scott Boston