Customer Comments – Mustang & Jaguar Style Pickups

Mustang - DuoSonic - Musicmaster


Hi Peter, The Mustang pickups sound and react fantastic! Like old ones. Full, warm and brilliant, with the typical vintage midrange. Best Regards Thomas.

Jayne, My tech has installed the DuoSonic pickups sound and they really sound nice. I had hot rails in there before but yours give me the true vintage sound I’m after. Thanks Much and All the Best Sally J.  Seattle 


Jaguar & Bass VI




Hi Pete, I received the pre-CBS style Jaguar pickups yesterday and they look fantastic. I’ve installed them in my reissue CIJ Jag and they sound simply awesome!!!! Your are very right my friend…. these pickups have made my reissue Jag come alive!! Thanks Again, Ralf.

Hey Dude, I got the Bass VI’s installed without issue and I gig’d with on the weekend. They sound great and I am very pleased, a great product at a super price. Cheers, Mike.  UK