Customer Comments – Stratocaster Style Pickups

Hey  Peter, I just wanted to drop you a line and tell you how much I love your Strat pickups, some of the best sounding pickups I have ever heard in 32 years of playing guitar. Thank you again. Chris, Hamilton Canada 

Hi Peter,  I received the pups this morning (wow, fast delivery). Put them in a Strat this afternoon. They sound great. Nice snap and spank from the middle and bridge and the neck deep and woody sounding. Thanks very much, Grant

Hey Peter: Just got my Strat back with your pups in them--a beautiful thing.  Seriously tuneful and tuneful.  I love that the low 'E' has that rich 'piano' tone.  Thanks again. Simon Toronto Canada 

Hi, Just put in the pickups this morning and I really like them, they turned out great.  Not a real boomie bass and not any shrill highs really nice balance.  Not a real ice pick sound from the bridge pick up either, but still sounds like a Strat.  I'm very impressed for what I paid for them and the sound that I got. 

Peter:  Great Strat pickups they sound very vintage with plenty of quack and hollow tone.  Great for SRV licks.  Definitely sound nicer than my *** ******, which are dull by comparison. Thanks again. Don Toronto, Canada