Customer Comments  Jazz Bass & P-Bass Style Pickups

Hey Peter, It's amazing how one can become used to mediocrity when that is all you hear. I was playing my fret less Jazz Bass to get an idea about the sound. I put your pickups on and was amazed how much more punch they have and the harmonics just jump off like crazy. I played around with different settings with tone etc. and yours just are more full sounding in any setting. I'm going to post about them in some of the bass forums etc. Your work is amazing! I'll be getting more as soon as I get these other basses done. Rob, Arizona

I finally installed the P-bass pickup I purchased from you a while back and have been playing the bass for a few hours. The pickup is simply fabulous. Your sound clip was very good and sold me right away but the real thing is great! I am very happy with this pickup, it has great sensitivity and response and just plain sounds good. I bought my 1969 Precision bass new in 1969 and have a pretty good idea what a vintage Precision Bass should sound like. You guys nailed it and made it better. I hope you don't stop making them because I can see me buying several more for future projects. Thanks for making a great pickup. Greg, West Virginia